Everything You Need to Know About Baseball Uniforms

Baseball uniforms are, predictably, worn by baseball players. They have the last name of the baseball player written on the back of the uniform and the name of the team on the front of the uniform. On the back of the uniform is the number of the player as well, each player on a team has an individual number assigned to them.

The baseball uniform is made up of the shirt, pants, socks, shoes, baseball caps, and the glove or mitt. Each team has their own color and insignia on their uniform so that spectators can easily identify the players that belong to their favorite teams. Some uniforms have stripes but others are a solid color. A common practice is for spectators to buy shirts that are similar to the baseball uniform of their favorite team in order to show support for their team.

The first baseball uniform was worn by the New York Knickerbockers back in 1849. It consisted of blue wool pants, a white flannel shirt, and straw hats. By the early 1900s the rest of the baseball teams were wearing uniforms as well and the rest is history so to speak.

Baseball uniforms were originally made out of wool and flannel, but are now available in a variety of materials such as polyester and cotton making them much more comfortable and heat resistant. The comfort of the player has become more important as time has moved on since it's become obvious that if the player is comfortable, he or she will play ball much better, and that is what the ultimate goal of the game really is.

Baseball uniforms can look flattering on the right person and there is speculation that the New York Yankees added pinstripes to their uniforms in order to make Babe Ruth look thinner, since he was quite overweight. However that legend is false since the Yankees added the pin stripes to their uniforms before Babe Ruth was on the team.

There are baseball uniforms available for children and adults so even the younger teams can have matching uniforms and will not need to simply try and match up the same shade T-shirt. A whole uniform can be ordered for the younger team, just the same as an adult team, including shoes, socks, baseball cap.

The team will want to include their name on the front of the uniform and may have an insignia designed for their team or go with a general insignia from a major team that allows their insignia to be used for this purpose.


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