Baseball Players Improve With Swing Analysis

Hitting a baseball is often referred to as the most difficult activity in sports. A batter only has an average of .4 seconds to determine what kind of pitch is being thrown. The late Tony Gwynn, one of the best hitters who ever played, used to watch videos of his swings over and over and study those that were the most successful. You can do the same with swing analyzer software that allows you to focus on how pro players like Ichiro, Albert Pujols and David Ortiz hit curves, sliders, two-seam fastballs and more.

Designed for Different Programs

Video analysis features examples of both hitting and pitching. Instructional systems for softball and baseball have been developed for youth programs, high school players, college and professional teams and for use at training facilities. It is recommended that newcomers to swing analyzer software begin with the instructional series, perfect for both coaches and their players, regardless of skill level. This series includes video highlights along with specific lessons and drills.

Copying the Swings of Great Players

The video training systems look at the methods the best players use in order to make their time at the plate more efficient and their hitting more successful. The information is delivered in a manner that is easily understood; in fact, a consistent vocabulary is used on the videos to ensure effective interaction between coaches and players. The training combines video analysis using Major League Baseball stars as well as professional and Olympic softball players to deliver the best comprehension of both swing and pitching motions. The system offers the ability to compare student skills with professional expertise. The stance positions and swing actions illustrated by various pro models are shot from different angles so that viewers can make the most of their comparisons.

Teaching Moments

Instruction series videos walk viewers through a skill like hitting. Students will be shown what to look for and why it is important. Analogies will then be made and drills suggested to help in reinforcing the correct moves and motions. Moving along to the next level, videos that feature advanced information provide an in-depth look at the adjustments players must make to different speeds and locations of pitches. This instruction takes the viewer to the last 60th of a second before bat connects with ball, showing how the best players make those critical adjustments to inside, outside, high and low, and fast and slow pitches.

Accessing the Technology

The informative, instructional hitting series is not a DVD or video tape, but rather easy-to-use software programs that contain one- to three-minute lesson videos. You can select the one you need for the precise swing motion you want to study. The software is designed to be compatible with almost all types of computers.

All About the Swing

With more than 90 minutes of instruction shown in 59 lessons, one video example provides analysis of the key principles of hitting and explains why each is important. The lessons define force, efficiency and hitting in a big zone, the three measures of the swing. For players at all levels, constant improvement is the key to success in the difficult task of hitting a baseball. Swing analyzer software will help you reach your goal.


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