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Last Season's Top 100 Indoor/Winter Showcase Camp

Missouri Western University's Griffon Indoor Sports Complex will host the Top 100 Indoor/Winter Showcase Camp Read more


Top 100 Showcase Camp returning to St Joseph, Missouri. REGISTER NOW!

On December 28 & 29, 2013 Top 100 Showcase Camp was held at Missouri Western University's Griffon Indoor Sports Complex Read more




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How do I fix the sidearm thrower.

Many coaches encounter the young player who throws sidearm or slings the ball.

Most coaches and parents are afraid these players will hurt themselves if they continue their bad habit. We believe that throwing may cause arm injuries, but don't believe that the sidearm throwing will create immediate damage. However, it does need to be corrected for accuracy and longevity. Here what you should look for and how to correct sidearm throwing.

Most young sidearm throwers do so because they are working to use their head to create momentum to throw. They pull their arm forward by tilting their head away from the throwing arm. They do this because their head is the heaviest part of their body and they are trying to use it as best they can. With simple instructions this can be corrected in as little as 10 minute.

Teach the players to use his body as momentum. Have the player point the glove side shoulder toward the target without a ball and show them how to "replace their feet" to throw. Simply stated have the player shuffle to throw. Heal to heal and throw. Once the player understands the footwork give them a ball and let them begin to play catch. If the head is still tilting away from the arm, then and only then tell the player to aim his chin at the target with his shoulder and do not let it turn away. As they release the ball have the player follow his throw by taking 2-4 steps toward the target after release.

Let us know how this works.


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